Third-Party Services and Information Sharing

To provide you with the best possible experience and deliver our services effectively, REC3RD utilizes various third-party tools and services. Each one plays a specific role in ensuring smooth operation and functionality. While we are committed to safeguarding your privacy, it's important to be transparent about who we share your data with and for what purposes.

Here's a list of the third-party services we use and why:

Supabase: We rely on Supabase's secure database technology to store critical user data required for application’s proper functioning.

Information Sharing with Third-Party Services:

We share your information with these third-party services only to the extent necessary for them to perform their specific functions within the service workflow.

Data Security and Privacy:

We have implemented strict data security measures to ensure the protection of your information when shared with third-party services.

We share only the minimum amount of information necessary for each service to function effectively.

Data encryption: Data shared with third-party services is always encrypted to protect against unauthorized access or interception.

We are committed to transparency and building trust with our users. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of the third-party services we utilize. If you have any questions or concerns, Feel free to reach us out at

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